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The Ogless Time Saver is a unique, new form of screen saver that twists, spins, dances, disintegrates text on your screen in an ever changing range of ways.

View this video show Ogless time saver in action.

See what Ogless can do to your screen! Bored with the standard ones provided by Microsoft Windows ®? These text effects fill the whole screen and can spell out any message you like - company name, logo, favorite sayings or most commonly the current date and time. It chooses the effects, text font and colors at random so it always comes out differently


Ogless Time Screen Saver

To download the amazing Ogless screen saver just click on the download button and then run the executable file oglesstimesaver.exe.

Click to Download Download the Ogless installer oglesstimesaver.exe (7,415 Kb) file by clicking on the animated link button. Ogless has been around in one form another for 15 years and runs on most modern versions of Windows® including version 10 (and even Windows XP). Version: 27.1 : July 2016

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For increased security we have digitally signed this program with 'Silurian Software' as the publisher. You may see a message when you download or run the installer along the following lines. Just click on 'Run'.

Ogless is shareware - you will receive some nags about buying a license for Ogless. Buying a license will remove these messages.

Buying an Ogless license costs just $ 8 or £ 6 or € 7 and can be purchased over the Internet with full security and the minimum of fuss. For more information please go to our purchase information page.

Latest version

Version 27.1 now has 3-D effect characters and a range of new effects. Individual poem files.

Screen Saver effects

Ogless uses a huge number of effects that are randomly combined to give a unique end result. The text can appear by zig-zagging in, orbiting, gravitation, spinning and reveal. The 3-D effect text is then manipulated in a range of different ways: jiggle, rotate, spin, sway, dance, dissolve, shuffle, tilt, squash and reveal. The text then exits the screen using another random choice of effect that are mainly like the entry effect in reverse.

3 minutes past three


Many screen savers are made boring because the background is more or less the same and people soon tire of seeing the same image again and again. Ogless is different, not only does it provide a range of stock images as backgrounds it creates new ones when it is installed. It will also generate new ones at random to be used as the backdrop as it runs. With such a wide range of backgrounds to choose from the effect is never repeated. You can also configure it to use any folder of your images to use as backdrops or force it to use the same image each time.


Among the many images used are some of the Fractal images unique to Ogless (only we have the algorithms). These are rich, infinitely varied patterns that you can explore in our extensive gallery.

touching spiral

Why Screen Savers?

People who remember computers from the 1970s were all too used to finding a monitor with an image 'burnt into' the screen. If the same screen image is shown for a long time the screen phosphor that radiates the light is damaged and whatever has been displayed for a long time shows through any other information displayed - it gets burnt in. The earliest and still most effective screen savers just 'blank' the screen or automatically turn off the monitor and so prevent screen damage.

However, the knowledge that the computer is normally idle when a screen saver is run haunted programmers. Why not use the 'idle' time to display something more interesting than just a blank screen? If an image moves around the screen it will not get burnt into one place. The other less interesting reason for screen savers is security - if someone leaves their desk for a few minutes they may not want the screen contents displayed for all and sundry to see.

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