Ogless Colors

One of the wonderful things about Ogless is that you are not stuck with the same colors again and again. Ogless has a wide range of Palettes that define the broad 'flavor' of colors and then each time a saver effect is run it generates a choice of colors themed on the current palette. This gives a very wide range of colors and color combinations as many screen effects use multiple colors, and each of these will be different each time it is run. Other screen savers often give a garish fixed choice of colors.

The list of available palettes is available from the drop down list. When you select a palette, a text description of the palette is shown. Below this is a set of sample colors that can be generated from this palette. This ‘swatch’ of colors will change every second or two so you get an idea of the wide range of colors available from the palette.

Some saver effects have specific ranges of colors built into the scheme, the color palette you select on this screen is used as the ‘default’ color palette when a screen effect does not specify its own palette.

There are two special color palettes to choose from: Hourly makes a ‘random’ choice of color palette each hour and then sticks with it for one hour before it makes another choice; Daily is just the same except that the same color palette is used for a whole day rather than an hour. These two special palettes give the greatest range of colors as the same effects will look different depending on the time.

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