Ogless Settings

Ogless is designed to run on a range of different PCs. Some of the screen effects take a fair amount of processing time to be generated. To ease the load on the processor you can change the default settings to make them run faster or slower; vary the pause between running effects in a scheme and vary how long each screen effect will run for.

Some effects will provide their own set of values for a particular step in a saver scheme, the settings used here will only override the settings for steps that choose to use the default settings.

Ogless uses its own rendering engine to make text look 3D. This may make the screen saver run rather slow. You can choose which 3D effects to use to control its requirements on processing power. Minimum power is needed for 2-D text effects, next the default is to use 3-D for only the main text effects and finally the maximum performance is needed if you select 3-D text for all the possible screen effects.


Most PCs have a energy saving mode that comes on after an hour or so, if you are away from a PC for a long period of time you may want the screen to shut off and not run Ogless any more. Ogless will not be able to detect when the monitor is switched off for example. To support this Ogless has a facility to automatically switch into a special low power and low processing mode after so many minutes. You can choose to do this when the monitor is due to switch off, after a specified length of time or not at all (so that it continues to run indefinitely).

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