Ogless Words

Some of the Ogless screen effects display text on the screen. You can select which text is used to make these effects.

It can be from an arbitrary choice of Ogless's text sources or you can choose for it to come from an in-built poetry file; any plain text file; an Internet Newsfeed; time of day or a fixed text string.

If you select the newsfeed option the source must deliver text in RSS format. Ogless will then use this as the source of text when it is run. So if you choose a news web source the screen saver will display headlines on the screen.

The text string lets you display your own customised greeting on the screen. To make the text effects more interesting the text is split up into a word or two and then displayed, so you can enter quite a long text string here. The text can also come from a plain text file (.txt) that you can create and edit in Windows notepad.

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