Ogless is unlike any screen saver you have seen before.

It's a whole set of different screen saver effects wrapped up in one. You won't get bored with Ogless because it varies each time it is run. You get a different screen effect because it chooses amongst trillions of possible combinations of options.

  • Choice of a huge range of colors to match your taste arranged into specially balanced color palettes.
  • You can interact directly with the Saver using the keyboard - changing and saving effects.
  • Use your own pictures and text in generating the effects.

For up-to-date information about upgrades please visit the web site www.ogless.com.

If you have purchased Ogless® and wish to re-install it select the Reinstall Purchased Copy option.

The first installation page lets you choose which folder to install the Ogless program files in. Type in the folder path or use the Browse button to select a folder, you should normally use the initially suggested folder.

This product is compatible with Windows® 10; 8; 7 and Vista running on an Intel® compatible processor.

Ogless is written and maintained by Silurian Software [who have been developing software for over fifteen years]. The Ogless screen saver has been available in one form or another for over fifteen years.

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